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Our dropshipping service platform gives you the ability to sell your ideas,
designs or merch without any setup expenses or storage needs.
We'll do all the heavy lifting, you focus on building your brand. 

No minimum
& no costs

Every order gets printed or embroidered. No minimums or maximums with our service. 

Eco-inks & packaging

We use water-based inks for DTG and DTF, naturally-sourced rayon thread for embroidery and ship in recycled plastic packaging.

No waste, no storage needed

No more guessing games, We only print what you sell, so there's no stocking and most importantly, no waste.

Free full-feature website

Our inbuilt web-builder packs a whole range of features for an effective web presence, without the need for coding.

These shops were created on our platform

How does it work?

Step 1_Set up your shop

Set up and style your free online store. No coding experience needed; our web-builder is pretty straight-forward. You can use our domain or you can use your own.

Step 2_Create mockups

Upload your designs, choose either digital printing or embroidery, and pair your ideas with items from our range. 

Step 3_Promote & sell

Get the word out, and promote your online business. Build your brand and your audience. We don't have any minimums on orders, so everything you sell goes to print! 

Step 4_Make money

As you sell products, we print, package & ship them direct to your customers on your behalf. You set your profit margins, and you get paid commission on every sale.

Check the instruction video

Ready to make your own shop? You can easily create your shop by watching this instruction video. Upload your designs, create your mockups and start selling!

Getting started ...

Signing up

1. Head over to the signup page here

2. Fill out the forms and choose a site name (don't worry, you can change this later)

Creating your first product

Go to decorated products

  • Click on 'decorated products'
  • Choose a product to start with
  • Click 'Save and Continue'
  • Click 'Add Design and upload your artwork.'
  • Ensure your artwork is the size you want it printed at. It's best to use a ruler in real life on any garment that you have to double check the measurements.
    • left chest pocket designs are usually best at 8.5cm wide
    • standard centre chest prints are best at 25cm wide
    • large designs are best at 32cm wide
  • Click 'Save and Continue'

  • Type in a name for your product
  • #there is an option called 'Append Product Name' which will automatically add the name of the product next to the name you gave. We would advise against this, perhaps naming your product "my design name mens tee" or “my design name unisex tee” for example.
  • #there is an option to allow users to customise the design or not. We recommend selecting ‘do not allow users to customise the design’ for retail stores.
  • Add a product description talking about the design and also the material and size info of the product you chose.
  • Choose a category or make a new category. Some examples could be; new arrivals, winter, popular, mens, womens or anything you want. You can edit and change this later.
  • Click 'Save and Continue'

  • The next page lets you choose if you want to have multiple colours available for this design you’ve created. Leave it as if you want to allow all the colours available or if you want to only have 1 colour available just untick the all colours box and select the colour you want.

# Be careful that your design looks nice on all colours, i.e a white design will look good on a dark garment but might not look nice on a white t shirt.

  • Click 'Save and Continue'

  • Next check your pricing and you're done!
  • #you can edit your pricing by unticking use store markup and typing in the sale price you want (see How to set your selling price for more detailed information)

    Repeat this process for each of your designs.

Using your own images for products

  • Go to decorated products
  • Click configure
  • Click listing image
  • Upload a photo

Artwork recommendations

The key to getting a quality print is your design file. It needs to be high-res and crisp. The way to check this is to zoom in on the design on your computer monitor so the design is as big as you want it printed in real life. If it looks neat and crisp (not pixelated) then it will print well. Make sure your files are at least 300dpi, and if that doesn't make sense to you, ask a Graphic Designer to help prepare your files. If you are ever unsure if something will print well or not you can always email the design in to us to check here.

  • 300dpi png files
  • a transparent background
  • Cropped / trimmed to the image
  • Make the image size the size you would like it printed in cm and use a ruler to double check this (you can always mail us for advice once you've saved the product)

Editing the website layout

Click on edit website on the left side of your admin screen. From here you can change the branding, colours, text and themes for the entire website by clicking Design. To edit a website individually you just click on the page you want to edit from the pages tab or create a new page or clone an old page. To add photo's, text boxes, banners or video's you click the widgets button on the left.

Setting your selling price

You can set a default markup storewide by going to Price Settings, most of our stores set this at a fixed amount of $17.04 which makes the AS Colour branded t shirts sell for $40 each automatically. But you can also override this price on a per product basis. This is the final step you go through when you create a product. To change the price you untick use store markup and type in the “ex vat” price. If you want to sell for 40 euro you need to make sure the ex vat price is 33.06 euro. There’s a handy calculator here to help.

Changing the price of a product

Log into your website

  • Click decorated products
  • Find the product you want to change the price of
  • Click manage
  • Click configure
  • Click costs

Change the retail price to what you would like to sell the items for.

Or you can change all the pricing for your store products at once (unless they have a custom price) by changing the default markup. You can do that by following these steps:

  • Log into your website
  • Click Price settings
  • Change the default markup to what suits you

More questions? 

When and how do I get paid?

Inker has an automated system for handling store commissions. It works like this:

  • The system will calculate commissions that you earn from every sale your store makes (you determine how much this is by setting your sale price) 
  • Payments are held by the platform for roughly 10 days after being shipped out from us (in case there are any issues that we need to fix)
  • After the 10 days has elapsed then the payments will automatically clear
  • All payments that have cleared are paid to your PayPal account on the 1st of every month
  • You'll see a tally of your sales and outstanding commission payments when you log into the dashboard of your online store


To make sure you receive your commission payments you need to set up a PayPal account and enter the details into the store by following the below steps:

  • Click commissions
  • Click PayPal commision settings
  • Enter your PayPal address* 

*you must have a PayPal address to set up a dropshipping account with us

How long does it take until my customers get their products?

Your clients will have their items in approximately 5 days + shipping from placing their order.

How do the garments get shipped out?

We ship our products out in plain, unbranded and eco-friendly packaging.

Who handles customer service?

As the store owner and administrator for your dropshipping site, you are responsible for the customer service for your shop, however we are always here to help if you require assistance, for example assisting you with organising reprints if necessary. In these rare cases, you can reach out to us in the customer service team via the email address and we can work with you to find the best solution for your customer.

Do you do samples or prototypes?

The way to order prototypes is to place and pay for an order through your store by temporarily making your store markup 0 euros. That way you pay for samples at cost price.

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