Unique prints or embroidery, starting from 1 piece


What’s so magical about print-on-demand? Whether it's unique prints or embroidery, we've got you covered starting from just 1 piece.

Perfect for: family gifts, bachelor(ette), business gifts, personalised design, samples ...

The benefits are endless:

  • quickly adapt to trends
  • personalisze your designs
  • experiment freely
  • create truly unique pieces 


Quick start here

What exactly is print-on-demand? 

It's the seamless process of embroidery or digital printing, packaging, and shipping textiles per piece. Enjoy the ease of customization, simplicity, and lightning-fast printing.
It's so simple, even a kid can do it. Simply upload your design or unleash your inner artist using our user-friendly design tool. Design it your way, and we'll deliver your masterpiece right to your doorstep WITHIN 5 DAYS.

Eco-friendly, local, and speedy! We exclusively print and embroider on Stanley/Stella's softest organic cotton textiles, using only eco-friendly inks. Plus, we're proudly local, located in Eke near Ghent.


Unique printed or embroidered textiles, a perfect fit for a ...


... gift

Birthday / Christmas gift / bachelorette / birth / Mother's Day / Father's Day / ...

... sample

If you would like to test how your design will look on a particular color or textile? Go ahead! 

... statement

Need a t-shirt or a hoodie with a statement? A slogan? A poem in your own style, font or design? Go, try it. It’s easy as one, two, three … 

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