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Inker, FABRIC’S sister, came to life due to the increasing demand for unique printed textiles.

"With inker, we are very happy to respond to the latest FastFashion-trends, and the increasing demand for uniquely printed pieces and dropshipment.

FABRIC (2019) is a joint venture between Suburban and Nookyalur. In just two years FABRIC became one of the leading textile printing companies in Belgium. Our forte? Innovation! And since we have always been keeping a close watch on trends keep a close watch on trends, we soon got wind of the fast fashion trend. Our thought? Nice! But we can do better. Much better. Not Bonzaï Thunderball style, but still. Better, more sustainable, and more ecological. On point, too. We choose to opt for 'Fair fast fashion' by only using premium organic cotton, and printing with the latest Epson printers that run on GOTS labeled inks.

Fast fashion, say what?

Faster, faster! It has become the new mantra, also in our field of work. Orders are getting smaller, delivery times shorter. Order today, find it in your mailbox tomorrow. 
By investing in a fully automated system, a brand-new machine park and an extensive stock of premium, organic textiles, also FABRIC is able to respond to this new evolution. Upon request, we can even link any external webshop to our innovative platform. This allows us to smoothly take over the entire fulfilment. The result? It is no longer necessary to stack large stocks of printed items. We only print and ship what is ordered. Within 72 hours.

Only need one piece?

No worries. 
Choose your favorite organic textile and design.

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Inker's green policy

Inker loves the environment. With our GOTS-certification, we can assure organic, solid, reliable textiles. We put a lot of care in cotton harvesting, environmentally and socially responsible production, and printing.

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